learn NEOBUX strategies.


 learn Nobux strategies.

Don’t just BROWS, brows and BROWS with no penny in your pocket,
Have u heard of PTC (paid to click) just as the name implies, you get paid for clicking a link and just staying on the page for 5sec.
Most money making websites don’t allow Nigerian users but not PTC , they allow any user from any country.

I will explain 2methods to making it big (one is fast while the others is a little slow)
NOTE: I won’t promise you of making $10 or $20/day at start but as time goes on you’ll be surprised.
1.    PC and Internet Access.
2.    A PAYZA ACCOUNT (for cashing out)
3.    Patience (which is the most important of all ).
4.    Register at neobux with this link on  Neobux



# Open an account with http://www.payza.com and add a VISA card ( UBA VISA AFRICARD is BEST)
 Then verify your card (with just $1) and fund it with at list $10

# NOW Login to your Neobux account and click VEIW ADDs
# Click the ads and let them load (you’ll have to wait for at list 5sec for the ad to load. depending on   the type of ad you are viewing)
And  When you are done clicking all the available adds, click on offers and try to complete as many offers as possible ( to increase your earnings).
# when you have clicked upto 30 adds, goto home and click BUY REFERRAL, then choose payza as    your payment option , enter your details and verify the transaction.
The $10 will buy upto 50 referrals,.
You Are Almost There
# continue clicking Avery day to buy more referrals till you have 200 then stop buying and safe money for upgrade ( it costs $80)
# Make sure you maintain your referrals by renewing them and recycling the inactive ones. (You pay $0.07 to change the ones that are not clicking to a new one)
# after upgrade, buy some more referrals to increase it to 2000 (wow)! Now you should be making up to $40/day)
# You can start enjoying your money by withdrawing it to payza and sending it to your Nigeria bank account, they payment options that support users from Nigeria.
neobux pays with immediate effect! Instantly

METHOD 2 (no investment)
Just make sure you Login to your neobux  account every day to click and make more money and when you have up to $0.6 you should buy your first 3 referrals ( the moment you buy them , you start getting money from there clicks too)
# Click offers on home page to earn from it as well
# work more and buy more ( the more referrals you have, the more money you make) and when you have 200referrals, start saving money for upgrade
# You will need $80 dollars to upgrade your membership to golden and maximise your daily earnings
# and buy more refs to get to 2000, then start cashing out!!!

( I must tell you it’s not easy,, but if you can start now before you know it you are already a MILLIONAIRE!! , yes!! Millionaire because right now $1 = #355,
So imagine yourself making $40/day. That’s #14,200 in a month
You should use what you have (your pc) to get what you Need )

As a student we shouldn’t always wait for reinforcement from home before you get things DONE.
(Use your resources wisely...)


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