39 Positive Attitudes

Learn e-how is back and better, we give you:
39 Positive Attitudes
just as I said in one of my previous articles, your social life :Friends are a necessary social extension and they provide an outlet, a group of likeminded people who share values, though perhaps not always every opinion.
Time out with friends, whether they are old high school buddies or friends you’ve made at work, is important .

when dealing with friends We should try to do these things better:

1. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
2. Talk in the interest ranges of the things that people treasure most when talking to them.
3. Talk to people about themselves and recognize their importance.
4. Respect other people’s good judgment and avoid arguments.
5. Never tell anyone they are wrong, we all will rationalize to the point of thinking we are unequivocally right.
6. We should criticize ourselves before other people have a chance to; if you are wrong, admit it!
7. Tread softly, you will go farther.
8. We should try to let our friends feel as though they have excelled us at some time or another.
9. Let others do a great deal more of the talking (especially girlfriends, it makes them feel better and believe you are ready to listen to them at all time)
10. Figure out why others think as they do; look at it from their viewpoint.
11. Show compassion toward others (this is yearned for).
12. Treat people with respect, dignity, honesty, truthfulness and willingness; they will generally emulate those feelings.
13. Challenge others to do something better, but never force them. Don’t know how? Then you need to learn to persuade, influence and covertly make anyone do what you want.
14. Call attention to mistakes indirectly (don’t broadcast).
15. Make difficulties seem easy to conquer.
16. Praise minutest improvements and inspire hidden treasures in others.
17. Be friendly.
18. Force yourself to smile! (You will) because it’s good for your health.
19. Consider others’ good points.
20. Make others want to follow your suggestions (you can use this 10 days persuasion cause)
21. Always appreciate people’s time.
22. Be interested in everyone you meet.
23. Always remember: good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.
24. Remember names; a person’s name is truly the most treasured phrase to that personʼs ears. Use the I.R.A principles to help remember names.
25. Try saying this three (3) times: “Act enthusiastically and youʼll be enthusiastic.” It works.
26. Perfect yourself first, then worry about everyone else.


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