The Eyes When Reading Body Language

What Do The Eyes Tell Us?
Often described as the windows to the soul, the eyes can give us great insight into the true thoughts and feelings of a person in any situation.
Dilating Pupils
When someone is feeling positive, when they like the company they are keeping, and when they hear something that they agree with, their pupils will dilate.

 When someone is feeling negative, when they don’t like the company they are keeping,and when they hear something they disagree with, their pupils will contract.
Dilating and contracting pupils are known as ‘microgestures’ – they cannot be consciously controlled and often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.
Although dilating pupils are often a signal that a person likes you, it is important to read this gesture in context.
 As we all know, changing light levels also affect how dilated or contracted our pupils become, low light will result in dilated pupils, and bright light will results in contracted pupils. Always look for this microgesture and evaluate it against other gestures being used by the particular individual.
‘Looking Up’
Used particularly by women, this gesture involves lowering the head at the neck, and looking upwards at the other person. This gesture makes people appear more childlike, and evokes a parenting reaction in both men and women. If someone uses this gesture on you, it is likely that they’d like you to perceive them as ‘cute’ and vulnerable, i.e. in need of care.


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