12 Ways Of Getting Breakthrough Ideas

12 Ways to Get

Hi guys, happy 2013
            This is a new year so I had the thought of giving out tips that might help you get some breakthrough.
Okay guys, let’s roll…….

Ø  1. Follow Your Fascination
Ø  2. Immerse
Ø  3. Tolerate Ambiguity
Ø  4. Make New Connections
Ø  5. Fantasize
Ø  6. Define the Right Challenge
Ø  7. Listen to Your Subconscious
Ø  8. Take a Break
Ø  9. Notice and Challenge Existing Patterns and Trends
Ø  10. Hang Out With Diverse Groups of People
Ø  11. Brainstorm
Ø  12. Look for Happy Accidents

Okay, now am thinking maybe we should talk about the first one first in this article and we discus bout the others latter
1. Follow Your Fascination
If you find yourself fascinated by a new idea, chances are good that there’s something meaningful
about it for you to consider. Fascination, quite simply, is nature’s way of getting our attention.
Well beyond seduction or attraction, it’s an indication that we are being called. Out of the thousands
of ideas with the power to capture our imagination, the fascination felt for one of them is a clue
that there’s something worthy of our engagement.
Don’t dismiss it as trivial. Give it room. Give it time to breathe. Honor it.
If you have any doubt, consider the origins of the word “fascination.” It comes from the Latin
“fascinus” meaning to be “enchanted or delighted.” What enchants or delights us is sacred—
or could be sacred—a clue that something significant is knocking on our door. Indeed, if we are
willing to let fascination grow inside us—a kind of immaculate conception can occur—the
illogical, miraculous becoming pregnant with possibility—the bodily expression of the phenomenon
that you are here to birth something extraordinary.
The idea is simply the first “waaaaaaah” to get you to notice.
What new idea is fascinating you? What new possibility has captured your attention?
In what ways can you honor this inspiration today?

Fascination, quite simply, is nature’s way Of getting our attention.

  • 2. Immerse
Breakthrough ideas, like telemarketers or Jehovah’s Witnesses, have a curious habit of showing up
at odd times. And because they do, we’re not always ready to receive them. To complicate matters,
chances are good that when they do show up, we are multi-tracking our little tushies off—checking
email, microwaving dinner, or looking for our Blackberry amidst the half-folded laundry. Not exactly
the pre-conditions for breakthrough.

The alternative? Immersion: "the act of becoming completely involved or absorbed in something—
engrossed, enthralled, or preoccupied.”
If you want to radically increase your odds of originating breakthrough ideas, you will need to
immerse. Don’t be a chicken, be a hen! Baby chicks break through the shell separating them from
flight not because their mothers are rushing off to meetings on parenting skills, but because their
mothers are immersed in the act of hatching. Mommy is sitting in one place for a looooooooong
time. And baby chick is also sitting (curled up) in one place for a looooooooong time.
At Google, employees are given 20% of their time to immerse in projects that have seemingly
nothing to do with their so-called “day job.” At 3M, it’s 15%. W.L. Gore gives employees a half a
day each week to immerse in projects that fascinate them.
Look at your calendar. Block out some time to focus on the development of your most inspired

idea or venture. Unplug! Incubate! Hatch! Immerse!

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