Eye Contact In Reading Body Language

Eye Contact
Making lots of eye contact is a way to show interest or respect.
The more eye contact a person makes with you, the more that person likes you. Studies also show that even if you aren’t initiating the eye contact, the more you look into someone’s eyes, the more romantic and enjoyable they will find your company.
It is important to remember that making too much eye contact early on in a relationship can sometimes make people feel pressured and insecure.
If you are trying to make a good impression on someone, build up a slight rapport first, and then gradually increase the amount of eye contact you give them.

Eye contact tips

  • Try and relax as much as possible. ...
  • Focus on one eye. ...
  • Find a nearby spot to fix your gaze. ...
  • Break your gaze to nod, or make other gestures while listening. ...
  • Try to keep your eyes focused while you talk as well as listen.


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