Reading Body Languge

                   Ground Rules for Accurate Body Language Reading

One of the most common mistakes a rookie body language reader will make is to interpret individual gestures in isolation of other gestures.

For example, when someone rubs their left hand on their right arm it can indicate many things – negative feelings, sore arm, or maybe they are just cold – it all depends on the other gestures they are using at the time.

Another key factor is the circumstances under which certain gestures are made. A classic example of this is ‘the woman in the short skirt’,
Who sits with her ankles crossed tightly in front of her.

 Ankle crossing is usually associated with negativity and defense, however a woman with a short skirt may cross her ankles for certain obvious, necessary reasons – i.e. she may not be being negative, she may just be trying to stop people seeing up her skirt.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Body language isn’t always easy to read because there is often so much going on at one time that it’s hard to keep track of it all. My suggestion is that you take 15 minutes each day and dedicate it to reading peoples’ body language. This way in time, reading body language will become second nature.


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