A Simple Technique To Detect A Lie By Reading Eye Body Language

A Simple Technique To Detect A Lie By Reading Eye Body Language
If you ask a question to a right-handed person (majority of people), and he looks to the right in an upward direction, that means he is thinking or “visually constructing” an image in his mind.
If he looks to the left in an upward direction, he is recalling or “visually remembering” something that actually happened.
So let’s say you ask him, “Where were you when the child fell down?” If he looks up to the right, he might be making up a story to cover the real incident. If he looks up to the left, he might be recalling what actually happened (in reality).
This method may help you determine if you want to accept his explanation or not, while also taking into account other factors.
*Note that the meaning of these eye directions would have the reverse interpretation for a left-handed person.
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