How to persuade (day 1) - Asking for More

                              How To Persuade Anyone By Asking for More

in this article I'll be giving you the very first persuasion technique of all..
Are there any proven persuasion techniques to get someone to do what you want, even if
you have that feeling that you're asking too much? Fortunately, there is.
It's called "asking for more." Ironic as it may sound, this is one of the most potent
persuasion tactics you may use.

Here's how it works. Let's say you want your friend to donate $10 to a charitable cause
you're involved with. For him, $10 might already be a big amount. Instead of asking for
less, you asked him for $25 because you imply that's what most people are giving. If he
doesn't want to give you the $25, tell him, "In that case, we'll just have to be contented with
$10." He'll feel so relieved to save $15 and will gladly give the $10 to you.
You won't believe how often kids apply this technique. They simply want to go to a movie,
but they ask their parents to take them to expensive vacation spots. When their parents
say that such trips are too expensive, their children would ask, "Could we just go to a
movie then?" The kids get what they want, while the parents feel that the pressure has
been taken off them.
The power of this persuasion method comes from the feeling of obligation to reciprocate
the concession you initially gave.
People will be more receptive to grant your true (and smaller) request after they declined
the first (and bigger) one. They will feel embarrassed to turn down the second favor,
especially if it's much easier to comply than the first request.
The second request gives them the freedom of choice. It's like they're given an escape
route. They will feel like a special favor has been given to them because they're given
room to negotiate and reject the first offer.
Using this powerful persuasion technique, they will feel a sense of contentment and at the
same time, a sense of responsibility to fulfill the secondary (and even other future)
Remember that people feel a sense of guilt if they refuse your request. If your second
favor is something they can afford to do, then they'll grab the opportunity to make it up to
The great thing about this is that they might even give you the larger request. This is one
of the most effective persuasion techniques because you give them the chance to
negotiate, and at the same time you make them feel that they got the better end of the
deal because you "gave in".
i will continue from here in my next post.


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