21 Days Persusion (Day 5) Continuation

# 3 - Find Similarities and Point That Out.
To successfully influence people, find any point of similarity between you and the person
you're persuading.
For example, both of you are members of a reputable association. You can say something
like, "As a fellow member of 'Justice for All Inc.,' I know you want justice to be served at all
times. I respect you and regard you as one of my heroes. I'm sure many people treat you
the same. Just want to thank you in advance for continuing the fight to give justice to Mr.

# 4 - Expect To Be Expected.
Keep in mind also that people base their expectations on various aspects such as your
physical qualities, your surroundings, etc. Everyone will expect a neatly dressed and well groomed
person to be wealthy and successful; that's why it pays to look good when you're

persuading others. If you wear dirty clothes and have unkempt hair, you'll be treated as
someone who has bad manners, and they won't expect good outcome from you. The
same goes if you have an orderly and tidy home. People will expect you to be an
organized person.
These 4 persuasion methods can be applied in almost any situation. Just remember to
communicate your expectation well and you'll see great results.


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